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Identity Resolution Demystified

identity resolution

We’ve seen an increasing interest in how we handle identity resolution. It’s a great thing to wonder about because it’s timely and #complicated.

DIY B2B Attribution: The Crux of Attribution Is the Event Timeline

Attribution is #complicated, and what makes it so difficult is organizing data in a sequential manner so that it can be analyzed. This difficult task may seem daunting, but once perfected, it unlocks several meaningful insights about your customer journey – not just how much “credit” a campaign should get.

DIY Attribution & The Importance of Gathering Requirements

Nic Zangre, VP of Customer Success & RevOps at CaliberMind, joins our host, Camela Thompson for this conversation on DIY Attribution. Nic shares his insights on why it’s critical for people to slow down and ask why, how those reasons change how we think about implementing attribution, and the instances where machine learning might not be the right answer and where it does fit really well.

The 6 Phases of Inheriting a Marketing Tech Stack

Inheriting a Tech Stack

Walking into a new organization is bound to come with a few surprises, even if everyone is genuinely happy with their marketing infrastructure. It’s the nature of marketing operations. No matter how talented the previous person was, they inevitably cobbled together some creative solutions due to budget restrictions, time constraints, or lack of knowledge.   […]

3 Real-World Attribution Use Cases

Attribution Use Cases

Marketing is one of those careers that everyone suspects they could do well. It almost seems intuitive. All you have to do is get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Right?   Developing and executing a solid strategy takes a lot more than intuition. The best marketers keep […]

2020 Guide to Chain-Based Insights

2020 guide to chain based insights

  “What’s my next best action?”   We hear it from nearly every marketer we talk to, and we understand. We’re all concerned about maximizing our budget and limiting the time to sale. It stands to reason that knowing the chain of events that is most likely to lead to a sale and then replicating […]

Announcing the New MasterOps Community


Back in the Day Remembering back when I was a marketing intern (before “Marketing Ops” or “Revenue Ops” existed), we had two big systems to manage:   Customer Relation Management (CRM) Marketing Automation Platform (MAP)   Somehow, I got put in charge to administer both and was promoted to a Marketing Specialist. I remember sending […]

Revenue Analytics & Attribution Done Right

analytics attribution

High-growth, revenue-focused marketers come to us with the same challenges over and over again (and I’ve been wrestling with these my entire career):   We want a way to streamline executive-level marketing insights We want to free-up limited technical resources and ops budget We want to help manage an exponentially growing, fragmented dataset   Until […]