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CaliberMind’s CDP + DiscoverOrg Data = A Match Made in Heaven

Posted August 28, 2019
calibermind plus discover org

We’ve just announced our strategic partnership and product integration with DiscoverOrg . I always say that 3rd party data is the fuel that powers the CDP (1st party) data engine. Our B2B CDP data and analytics engine was recently named a “strong performer” by Forrester, and we wanted to make it even stronger by powering it with the special rocket fuel that DiscoverOrg’s data has to offer!


We’ve done the technical work already. We love DiscoverOrg’s APIs for the options and flexibility they give, and we’ve built a deep integration that gives customers direct access to their great account and contact data directly into CaliberMind.


If you’re not technical, CaliberMind can help you manage your DiscoverOrg data without begging developers or wrangling spreadsheets. Installing the CaliberMind-DiscoverOrg integration takes a few clicks. Simply copy in your API key and voila! DiscoverOrg data ready to sync to all your tools.



Here is why you should care about our exciting partnership and what’s in it for our joint customers:


Make DiscoverOrg’s Data Work for You Everywhere Automatically

Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to manage vendor data. You might already have one-off batch requests, working to filter and format the data before uploading it to another tool – but these are only meant for one-offs. CaliberMind makes it scalable and repeatable.


CaliberMind connects to all your tools once and works in the background digesting, transforming, and syncing data to where it needs to be – including all your DiscoverOrg data.


New leads? Automatically enrich them.


New campaign? Automatically sync them to all the right tools.


Set it up and let it run. It just works.



DiscoverOrg data on its own is useful, but by joining up each DiscoverOrg product together, you can start to get incredible results. DiscoverOrg + Zoom Info + Datanyze become something greater than each individual part.


More Control Over Your DiscoverOrg Data than Salesforce 

DiscoverOrg is usually available as raw data (via spreadsheets or the API) or inside Salesforce but syncing DiscoverOrg directly to Salesforce can sometimes lead to “field bloat” (you don’t need seven different industry fields in Salesforce), conflicting information (your sales reps are humans after all) and faulty segmentation that can lead to SPAM.


Enriching companies and accounts with DiscoverOrg data inside CaliberMind saves you both time (faster access to data) and money (cheaper to store data in a CDP — save those pricey API calls). It also lets you preview your data before it hits Salesforce, blend TAM (Total Addressable Market) and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) data and gives you more accurate labeling for when you are ready to turn our Chain Based Attribution on. 


Quick and Easy Prospecting, Synced Immediately to All Your Tools

CaliberMind lets you query DiscoverOrg from within CaliberMind, then push those prospects to all your tools automatically. No more “lift and shift” export-spreadsheet-tidyup-import prospecting.


You can also run it automatically. Whenever someone enters a segment you can trigger DiscoverOrg to find matching job roles and job titles from that company. This is handy for identifying all the stakeholders in a company for closing a deal.


These prospects can then be added to a segment. This segment of person profiles can then be synced to all your tools, like a Marketo Smart List.



Use DiscoverOrg Data for Marketing Before It Hits Salesforce

Most B2B Go-To-Market teams build on top of Salesforce, and it makes tons of sense to enrich contacts and accounts Salesforce directly with DiscoverOrg data whilst sales are working them. DiscoverOrg’s own integration here maintains and updates your records inside Salesforce, so you have reliable, dependable data for your teams to use.


But, sales isn’t the only team which can benefit from DiscoverOrg data. Marketing needs to be able to leverage DiscoverOrg data to convert and qualify leads, and sales crave a cleaner Salesforce setup without junk leads.


CaliberMind offers an alternative. As a Customer Data Platform, CaliberMind is the central repository for all your leads and customer data. Connect to all your tools and databases, then combine their data into one “master” profile for each person and account. Now you can push DiscoverOrg and other data to your marketing tools in real-time, without filling up Salesforce first.


Combine DiscoverOrg with Your Other Customer Data with Ease

DiscoverOrg data isn’t the only type of customer data. Our customers have also other data to leverage, such as:

  • IP data
  • Email & Content Engagement data
  • Intent data
  • Product usage
  • Web analytics


CaliberMind lets you combine and act on all this data in real-time. Plug in data from your CRM, email tools, backend database, analytics, live chat, and so on – and CaliberMind builds one “master” profile with everything about them, and everything they’ve ever done, according to every tool that’s connected.


We’ll Setup Your DiscoverOrg Data Flows With You

DiscoverOrg can provide the data you need, but too often it’s hard to correctly feed that data into the tools you want to use. CaliberMind takes ownership of this problem.


At CaliberMind, we aim to set you up for success, with end-to-end white glove service. With CaliberMind’s workflows, DiscoverOrg’s data, and our joint customer success teams, we can deliver the DiscoverOrg data your teams need into the tools they want to use.